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Let Datamind help you along your data transformation with our top quality enterprise solutions

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Datamind enables smarter, faster, automated decision making across all company processes:

Automatic Reporting

Save time and increase employee productivity by automating the regular report generation:​

  • IFRS/GAAP Accounting.

  • Regulatory Reporting.

  • IFI Reporting.

  • Audit Reporting.

  • Compliance Reports.

  • Internal Business Reports.

  • Management Reports.

BI Analysis

  • Customize dashboards for customers and managers to fine-tune data output and enhance decision-making.

  • Detect emerging trends.

  • Set up and calculate performance, segmentation and marketing metrics.

  • Analyze past to predict future.

  • Prepare interactive dashboard visualization.

Data UniStream

  • With the amount of data increasing exponentially, it is getting too difficult to control, track and analyze company's financial or operational activities.

  • Data UniStream helps enterprises to turn unstructured data into structured one.

  • UniStream architecture collects information from different sources and combine it into organized table.

The Problem

Modern enterprises struggle to store, gather, manage, and analyze their data. Existing solutions are limited, slow, and suffer bottlenecks due to antiquated designs and outdated tech.

The Solution

Datamind has pioneered UniStream technology, which takes disparate data sources and combines them into a single, unified data stream.

This makes it much easier, faster, and less costly to access, analyze, and automate data within complex environments.

The Result

  • Automate processes across your entire organization and between departments.

  • Speed up internal processes & decision making with real-time data access.

  • Obtain superior insights and advanced business intelligence across disparate business units.

  • Generate internal and regulatory reports on the fly across all historical data from any source.

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Privacy is our Priority

We implemented General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
compliance and Information Security Measures with guidance
from one of the Big 4 Auditor firms.


Our Customers

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Managment Team


Rati Kuntchulia



Vakhtang Burchuladze-Kalandadze



Teo Giorgobiani

CFO, Managing Partner


Giorgi Kachkachishvili

CTO, Managing Partner

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